Top 10 Computer Companies in the world

Tech Firms that produce and develop the product and keep big customers connected are one of the most profitable and profitable brands in the world. The computer industry’s technical development continues quite regularly.

Computers and notebooks have been an important part of life nowadays and there are several choices available on the market whether you are looking to buy a best computer desktop or laptop for your research or to play sports.

Key Takeaways

  • As technology enhanced laptops have become more popular so the top brands are more focusing on manufacturing laptops and their accessories.
  • Industries like Industry behemoths such as Apple, Samsung and IBM are some of the most recognizable brands but many other less familiar brands have stormed the market and several others have improved on their quality and reliability as well.

Computer companies like Intel and AMD manufacture computer processors and other high-end hardware and also some others like Microsoft and Google produce software.

List of Top 10 Best Computer Companies in the world

The computer companies that provide durability, price value and reliability are more popular and capture good market share.Below are the list of top computer companies based on their global market share.

1) Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology computer company headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services.

2) Hewlett-Packard (HP)

The Hewlett-Packard Company was an American multinational manufacturer of computers information technology company headquartered in Palo Alto, California, United States.

The HP is also one of the Best Computer Brand Name ever in computer world Hewlett-Packard manufacturer printers, laptops, computers, servers, storage devices, networking, software, enterprise solutions and much more

3)  Dell Inc.

Dell Inc. is an American privately owned multinational computer company. Dell manufacturers Laptops, Netbooks, Tablet PCs, Desktops, Monitors, Servers, Storage and other computer-related hardware.

4)  IBM

Founded in 1911, New York-based International Business Machines Corp. IBM manufactures and sells computer hardware and software, infrastructure, hosting and consulting services.

5) Lenovo

Lenovo is a Chinese multinational computer technology company. It’s headquarters are in Beijing, China, United States, Morrisville and North Carolina.

This company manufacturer’s desktops, notebook, personal computers, workstations, servers, storage drives, IT management software, and computer-related products and services.

6) Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. is a South Korean electronics company focusing on producing mobile electronic devices. It comprises numerous affiliated businesses, most of them united under the Samsung brand, and is the largest South Korean chaebol.

7) Fujitsu

Fujitsu is a Japanese multinational manufacturer of computers and IT services company. Fujitsu is a leading computer company of IT products and services including hardware, software, networking, business solutions, and more.

8) Toshiba

It is a Japanese multinational engineering and electronics conglomerate corporation. Toshiba is a manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of electrical products including laptops, notebooks, computer desktop and other computer related products and services.

9) Acer Inc.

Acer Inc. is a Taiwanese multinational hardware and electronics corporation specializing in advanced electronics technology and is headquartered in Xizhi, New Taipei City, Taiwan.


ASUSTeK Computer Inc., (stylized as ΛSUS) is a Taiwanese multinational computer company and electronics company headquartered in Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan.

It also provides e-business services to businesses, consumers and governments. In 2013 Acer was the fourth largest personal computer vendor in the world.

All listed above are the computer companies that manufacture computers wide.Computer manufacture computer Companies like Apple,Hewlett-Packard,etc have captured the market very well

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