Build a Career in Space: Top Job Roles in Space Industry in 2021

Exploring a career and different job roles in the space industry.

The space industry has received exponential attention in recent years. The traditional space domain was heavily financed by the government. However, the recent interest of private companies in space exploration and rapid technological developments is now redefining the space economy. The market is now being influenced by companies such as SpaceX, Blue Roots, Virgin Galactic, Boeing, and others, opening its way for all humanity. Now that the space industry is continually evolving, the growth of job opportunities is spurring significantly.

Here’s a look at the top job roles in the space industry to watch out for in 2021.

Software Engineer

Software Engineers are responsible for developing new features and software, managing satellite constellation software infrastructure, including data handling, flight dynamics and operations tools. They perform software and hardware development, installations, configuration, troubleshooting and recovery, patching and deployment for a classified software application. They have the ability to solve technical problems independently while managing project priorities, deadlines and deliverables. They also perform as a Python code developer for a classified government contract. The most in-demand careers in software engineering include embedded software engineer, DevOps engineer, flight software engineer, mission control software engineer, operations software engineer and others.

Aerospace Engineers

Aerospace engineers typically design spacecraft that travel into outer space, including satellites and manned spacecraft. They require to build technology and structures that will properly function once a craft leaves Earth’s atmosphere. They are responsible for testing their designs and troubleshooting any problems that arise. They also must work within certain quality standards and timelines. To become an aerospace engineer, a candidate must have at least a bachelor’s degree and obtain security clearance for certain government-related projects.

Producers and Directors

Producers and directors are not directly involved in outer space. But they help create visual images of outer space for the general public. They conduct extensive research about different topics related to outer space to produce fictional or non-fictional movies and documentaries about space. They also require to work within a specific budget and timeline, hire actors, shoot and edit the footage and then promote their finished product. Producers and directors must have some years of experience and at least a bachelor’s degree.

Quality and Test Engineer

The role of a Quality Engineer revolves around fault finding and problem-solving. Quality engineers use distinct methods and tools such as the eight disciplines of problem-solving, which is a highly effective scientific approach for resolving chronic problems. They are also responsible to look at a problem and find the best way to rectify it that complies with safety standards, customer specifications and designs that best suits a company’s capabilities and requirements.

Robotics Engineers

Robotics engineers typically work in the field of robotics and automation. They are responsible for designing, testing, and building robots that are productive and safe to operate while economical to purchase and maintain. They can create rovers, for instance, that explore the surface of Mars. Robotics engineers must be able to build machines that can repair themselves, find highly specialized data, and convey that data precisely back to Earth while moving around independently on the surface of another world.

Moreover, the space industry is a dynamic and complex field. There is a wide range of job opportunities that help drive the industry to the next level. Apart from these roles, Cyber Security Engineer, Data & Artificial Intelligence (AI) Scientist, Astrobiologists, Technical Writers, Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technicians, and Physicists are among job Space job roles.

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